Mast-Jägermeister SE is enjoying further expansion, again achieving record sales in the financial year 2012 with its Jägermeister brand: global sales of 89.2 million 0.7 litre bottles equate to an increase of just under two and a half per cent compared with the previous year (87.1 million 0.7 litre bottles). As a result, Jägermeister advances to seventh place (eighth place in 2011) in the leading Impact International ranking of the top 100 premium spirits and underpins its position as the world’s best-selling liqueur brand. It is the only German spirit among the top 70 in this sector ranking. Jägermeister is sold in over 90 countries; foreign sales in 2012 account for almost 80 per cent of the total.

Further development of the sales markets
In the German domestic market, Jägermeister is again bucking the trend with its growth. In what is according to the research institute Nielsen an overall slightly declining spirits market, the brand grew by one and a half per cent.
In international markets, Jägermeister sales remain stable, even considerably increasing in some countries despite a price increase in North America as well as in West and Eastern Europe.

In the USA – the largest sales market – Jägermeister continues to maintain its dominance, even against a generally difficult economic backdrop. Great Britain is continuing its enormous success of previous years with sales exceeding six million 0.7 litre bottles for the first time. Spain, Russia and the Czech Republic are also demonstrating their great potential with double-digit growth rates in some areas.

The same is true of overseas markets such as Brazil, South Africa and South Korea which are reporting above-average or outstanding growth – South Korea reports a three and a half-fold increase in volume compared with 2011, making it a clear sales driver in Asia.

In the Pacific Region, Mast-Jägermeister SE launched two new ‘Ready to Drink’-products (RTDs) which have been available in outlets in Australia and New Zealand since mid-August. Two different flavours are beeing offered.

Positive prospects despite uncertain conditions
“We expect the euro region to continue its struggle with the debt crisis in 2013. However, providing the general economic difficulties in Southern and Eastern Europe in particular do not intensify significantly and the upturn in the USA gains strength, we expect a moderate increase in sales,” says Paolo Dell‘ Antonio, spokesperson for the Executive Board of Mast- Jägermeister SE, explaining the objective for the current financial year.