Marketing Code

Responsible Marketing as a guiding Principle

As a manufacturer of premium liqueur, responsible consumption and the protection of minors is a matter that is close to our hearts. For years, we have been committed to the strict rules of our Marketing Code. We base all our marketing activities on the following five principles:

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1. For adults only.

Jägermeister is intended for adults of legal purchase age who choose to drink.

Minors must be given special protection. Drinking alcohol should be a choice that is made freely by adults. In marketing and communications activities, we will strongly support the message that the consumption of alcohol is only for adults who have attained the legal minimum age.

2. We advocate for responsible alcohol consumption.

Jägermeister’s commitment to responsible consumption is an important, integral component of all advertising and marketing practices.

At Jägermeister, we strive to promote the message that alcohol should be consumed responsibly. We will incorporate responsible drinking statements in our communications wherever practicable and possible. In our marketing and communications work, the consumption of alcoholic beverages will be depicted exclusively as responsible and moderate enjoyment.

3. We oppose the trivialisation of the effects of alcohol.

Jägermeister encourages responsible decision-making regarding the consumption of alcohol and discourages abusive consumption.

At Jägermeister, we reject any consumption of alcohol that is irresponsible, abusive or excessive. Our marketing and communications activities will not claim that the consumption of Jägermeister enhances mental ability or physical performance.

4. We have a deep respect for social norms and conventions.

Jägermeister marketing and advertising should reflect generally accepted standards of good taste while recognizing that these standards can vary from nation to nation.

At Jägermeister, we hold socially accepted standards and conventions in high esteem since our products are enjoyed by millions of different people. We want to play our part in a multicultural society and we honor the diversity of people, ideas and beliefs. Accordingly, our marketing will never denigrate anybody because of his or her sex, ethnicity or belief, nor because of his or her religious or political views.

5. We observe the law.

Jägermeister marketing and advertising abides by all laws, regulations, and national self-imposed codes.

The Jägermeister Marketing Code sets out fundamental principles that are applicable for any country in which we are active. In countries where local laws and advertising regulations place additional requirements on doing business, these additional requirements must also be met.

We provide regular training opportunities to ensure that our employees, service providers and partners can apply the rules of the Code and related compliance processes in their everyday work.