June 24, 2024, Wolfenbüttel – The product design of the ultra-premium herbal liqueur “Jägermeister 9556 Nights of Exploration” has been awarded the highest distinction “Best of the Best” in the category “Product Design” by the jury of the Red Dot Award.

The award is one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world. With its strictly limited herbal liqueur, the essence of which has been stored in oak barrels for more than 25 years, Jägermeister has linked the company’s history with the production process and told it in a new way. “9556 Nights of Exploration” also impressed the jury with its outstanding quality and the design of the bottle and packaging.

Red Dot Design Award 2024 for Jägermeister's ultra-premium edition “9556 Nights of Exploration”

Exclusive appearance

With the herbal liqueur “9556 Nights of Exploration”, which Jägermeister launched in November 2022 as a strictly limited release of 2,500 bottles worldwide, the brand forgoes a front label. The 0.7-litre bottle made of clear glass therefore focuses on the most important thing: a unique liquid with its elegant color nuances. For this purpose, the front design is kept to a minimum, simply naming the art piece.

Those who hold the bottle in their hands will also notice the message about the history of the edition, which is hidden in the full-surface print on the back of the bottle. Once the seal is broken and the liquid inside is enjoyed, the story becomes visible, making experience an integral part of the design. This effect becomes visible through the front as soon as the bottle level drops.

The centerpiece of the packaging is a box made of beech wood in Jägermeister orange. Crafted with great care and attention to detail, the beechwood box in Jägermeister Orange shelters the 0.7-litre bottle from shock. True to the concept of the bottle, the outer packaging for “9556 Nights of Exploration” mimics the transport crates used for shipping high-end artwork. The wooden packaging was produced by hand with great attention to detail.

Jägermeister thus picks up on the creative process from the associated online campaign. The commercials show artist Mago Dovjenko interpreting the character of “9956 Nights of Exploration” in the form of an oil painting. Owners of the edition receive the painting by the exceptional talent as an NFT: the bottle cap contains an individual code that has been laser-printed – another highlight of the exclusive product.

The concept and implementation for the customized look of the bottle and packaging was realized in collaboration with the Jägermeister Global Innovation & Design Team, the Jägermeister Procurement Team, the creative agency Attd. Hamburg and the design agency Mutter from Hamburg.

About 9556 Nights of Exploration

The essence of “9556 Nights of Exploration” goes back to a unique time experiment by Dr. Günter Findel, son-in-law of Jägermeister inventor Curt Mast. He broke new ground by storing a single barrel longer than any barrel before. He wanted to find out how the raw material would develop when stored beyond the usual storage period. 9556 nights later, Jägermeister was able to bottle this rare drop and present a unique and limited edition herbal liqueur in exclusive packaging in 2023.

Mild aroma meets sweet fruit

At 40% alcohol by volume, this strictly limited herbal liqueur has a slightly higher alcohol content than Jägermeister (35% vol. alcohol). It is based on the original herbal recipe and offers a mild aroma. Because of the longer time in the barrel, the characteristic spicy herbal flavors are joined by sweet fruit accents. Caramel and vanilla aromas round off the subtle hints of oak. “9556 Nights of Exploration” is best served in a tumbler at room temperature, allowing the spirit’s unique flavors to develop to their fullest. But it also offers a unique experience when served over ice.