Mast-Jägermeister SE continued its growth trend for the Jägermeister brand once again in 2017. With 92.4 million 0.7-litre bottles (7.2m 9-litre cases) sold worldwide, the company achieved a global increase of about one million bottles compared to the previous year.

The longstanding and consistent global expansion has been the key to success: The Jägermeister brand is now distributed in 135 countries around the world (2016: 129 countries). It is the world’s top-selling liqueur; international markets outside Germany counted for 80 per cent of total sales in 2017.

International diversification having an impact
While the German domestic market maintained its already high sales level, international regions such as Eastern Europe continued to show exceptionally dynamic growth, underscoring their importance for Jägermeister. High-performing markets like Russia, the Czech Republic and Poland, but also younger markets like Ukraine or Romania, recorded double-digit growth rates. Developments in other regions of the world further underpinned the international expansion strategy that the company has been pursuing over many years. “We are seeing very exciting growth – with over 50 percent in the Asia-Pacific region and up to 16 percent in Latin America. We have also made great strides in creating a foundation for longterm growth in African countries”, reports Michael Volke, Chairman of the Executive Board at Mast-Jägermeister SE.

But also in more traditional Jägermeister markets such as Austria, the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries, the brand achieved clear gains. A double digit growth in Global Travel Retail rounded off the brand’s successful performance and strong global presence as one of the world’s leading premium spirits.

Independent German subsidiary
In recent years Jägermeister has established subsidiaries in the United States and Great Britain and assumed full marketing and sales responsibility for Jägermeister in two of its three largest markets. In 2017 the time came for the German home market of the family-owned company to establish a separate sales and marketing subsidiary with headquarters in Wolfenbüttel. “As a global company, for us and for our future, it is essential that we create fully focused and comparable structures across our largest markets, geared towards best in class service for our consumers and our customers. Wolfenbüttel will continue to be our main location”, explains Volke.

Cautious optimism
Due to global economic uncertainty, the company’s leaders remain cautious about predictions for the current year, but a slight sales increase is expected for 2018 thanks to the continued global development of the Jägermeister brand.