Mix of donations, micro-fundings, creative online entertainments and support of partner activities

Wolfenbüttel, April 15th 2020 – With the global COVID-19 lockdown impacting the livelihood of millions employed and passionately doing their jobs in clubs, bars and nightlife-related creative industries, family-owned Mast- Jägermeister SE starts a diverse global initiative. The goal of #SAVETHENIGHT is to support both sides of the global nightlife community: those who need direct help for their living and those who need to stay home instead flocking to clubs and bars to hang out with their friends, having a good time.

Primarily the initiative helps talented artists, creatives and bartenders with direct financial donations. These are complemented by a series of new online entertainment events designed by Jägermeister to generate additional income opportunities or micro-fundings for those who need help.

At the same time some of the activities bring entertainment, fun and excitement to millions of people worldwide who are missing nightlife as they knew it.

Michael Volke, Chief Executive Officer of Mast-Jägermeister SE explains, “As a family-owned business, the solidarity that is so essential is a matter of heart to us, especially when times are hard. Our brand and our company have been built in cooperation with passionate meister mixologists, bartenders, musicians and artists. For us it is self-evident that we now give back to them by implementing our hands-on initiative.”

#SAVETHENIGHT consists of online projects, such as “Meister Drop In’s”. Jägermeister will be creating income opportunities for “meisters” like DJ’s, mixologists and creative performers, allowing consumers to book them, for free, to ‘drop into’ their virtual parties on Skype, Zoom or Houseparty. When the performances are complete, these meisters can be tipped via PayPal, creating a much-needed income stream to them.

Participating mixologist, Florian Beuren expresses: “It’s such a beautifully simple idea. There are people like me the world-over who can’t work and there are people the world-over looking for entertainment. Meister Drop In’s connects us, in one or two clicks. We get to work, virtual party goers get entertained.”

People can check out and book events like “Meister Drop In’s” on the dedicated website www.save-the-night.com. The platform is supposed to go live on April 20th. More activities will be added over the following weeks and will continue running for as long as help is required.

Key activities:
Meister Drop In’s – is a unique, innovative online booking service for stars and talents of the night. Jägermeister commissions “meisters” – DJs, bartenders and creative performers. Consumers can then book them for free to “drop in” on their own private virtual parties via Skype, Zoom or Houseparty. When the half-hour performances are over, the meisters can receive tip from the audience via PayPal, which generates urgently needed additional income for those affected. Bookings are made via www.save-the- night.com from April 20th.

Meister Classes – Jägermeister is producing a series of free online tutorials with the participating “meisters” of nightlife on various topics such as mixing cocktails, DJing or tattoo art. All participating meisters are paid by Jägermeister and can receive additional tips from viewers at www.save-the-night.com.

#SAVETHENIGHT Fund – donations of over $1m will be made to general funds where Jägermeister can help support the clubbing and bartender community.

Micro-funding – is a $1m package of funding for over 300 artists from Jägermeister global networks. The funding will be available for creators of online performances focusing on music, nightlife and culture.

#UnitedWeStream – is a nightlife project, launched in Berlin, collecting livestreams from nightclubs and offering viewers the option to contribute funds to support their favorite venues during the crisis. Jägermeister provides financial support and uses its wide-reaching online channels to accelerate the international rollout of this partner initiative.