• The investment company of Mast-Jägermeister SE joins seed round for dating app “Thursday”
  • Best Nights VC (formerly M-Venture) works consistently for the “best nights of life”
  • With the investment, Best Nights invests in tech that wants to help people to get off tech

Wolfenbüttel, 28 June 2021. Mast-Jägermeister SE’s freshly renamed investment company “Best Nights VC” (formerly M-Venture) is investing in the equally freshly founded dating app “Thursday”. With this, the company adds another element to its offer for the best nights of life.
The special thing about “Thursday”: The dating app only works on one day of the week: on Thursday.

Online dating has long been an integral part of young people’s lives. However, according to studies by Best Nights VC, lengthy small talk and so-called ghosting, i.e. the sudden unannounced and unfounded termination of contact, have a lasting effect on the dating experience of established dating apps. It was time to counter these pain points.

True to the motto “less is more”, the dating experience on Thursday is concentrated on one day of the week. Only on that day does the app work. Only on Thursday does the app connect people and encourage them to engage in real offline meetings instead of lengthy and boring online chats.

“Our partnerships are always guided by the mission we share with Jägermeister – to give people the best nights of their lives,” explains Christoph Goeken, Managing Director of Best Nights VC. “These nights take place in the real world, and seeking and finding love have always played a central role. This is where Thursday’s approach immediately won us over.”

Behind the London-based start-up are founders Matthew McNeill Love and George Rawlings, who are equally excited about the partnership: ‘We’re super interested in the ‘bigger brand’ expertise that Best Nights VC are able to bring to the table. Being the investment arm of Jägermeister, there isn’t much they don’t know about the events and offline, a perfect match for Thursday in connecting members through experience.’

Best Nights VC’s strategy starts right here. To optimally link the various building blocks of the night and to find the perfect partners for this, who share the mission of the best nights and enrich it with new, innovative ideas.


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About Best Nights VC

Best Nights VC (formerly M-Venture) is the innovation and investment company of Mast-Jägermeister SE. Through investments, strategic partnerships and new products, the company aims to build on the mission of the parent company. The goal is to give the urban target group the best nights of their lives and to help shape the future of nightlife.

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