For over 80 years, Jägermeister has been delighting fans around the world. The mission of the global lifestyle brand: “We give you the best nights of your life”. Yet this promise means something different to everyone. Now, for the first time, an exclusive and elaborately designed book celebrates the full diversity of the Jägermeister brand and product.

Few other brands succeed in combining tradition and innovation, local roots and cosmopolitanism as authentically as Jägermeister. The ice cold shot is iconic – and with good reason. After all, it was born out of a long, painstaking process of trial and error. The result is a blend of 56 herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits that evolved into the world’s most successful herbal liqueur. It’s a testament to the great expertise and skill of its inventor Curt Mast.

Hot off the presses, the new Jägermeister brand book invites fans to follow Curt Mast into his lab. The exact recipe has always been top secret and part of the global brand’s allure. But those who look and read carefully will discover many of the 56 ingredients and understand the rigorous quality that goes into every single drop of Jägermeister as it matures for around twelve months in oak barrels. The book’s subtitle, “The best nights of your life”, threads through the book and takes readers behind the scenes to discover the emotionally charged premium spirit. The captivating publication contains numerous impressions from the world of Jägermeister, with headquarters in Wolfenbüttel. It celebrates the brand that stands for eight decades of history, eight decades of emotion and eight decades of diversity and inclusion. The result is not a chronological history, but an invitation to embark on a voyage of discovery, divided into four main chapters: Our Meisters (including stories about the legendary racer Hans-Joachim Stuck, football icon Paul Breitner, and rocker Dizzy Reed from Guns N’ Roses) – Our History (marketing history, festivals, production, ingredients) – Our Taste (recipes for new and exclusive drinks) – Our Best Nights (15 fascinating stories from around the world that capture unforgettable moments and places). People who have made the brand what it is today – fans, celebrities, and members of the Mast family – share their stories. And, beyond stirring words and impressive images, the book “The Best Nights of Your Life” becomes an experience in its own right. Digital features bring Jägermeister inventor Curt Mast back to life, for example. Thanks to an augmented reality feature, we can even look over his shoulder as he composes the elixir. When people celebrate, dance the night away, or let loose after a day on the slopes, Jägermeister is always there. Everyone enjoys it – you, me, neighbours and friends. From a small town in Germany to over 150 countries worldwide. Jägermeister has always connected people. And co-created the best nights. That’s the message of the book. And if you want even more, the book jacket doubles as a wall-sized poster of an ice cold shot. Hang after reading – and serve at -18 degrees. Prost!

The author
Anja Delastik is a creative consultant, author and journalist. Curiosity, creativity, and a knack for trends and understanding people have helped her realize numerous publications. Her passion for pop culture, music and art allowed her to capture the brilliantly diverse world of Jägermeister in “The best nights of your life”.

Anja Delastik
The Original Jägermeister Book
The best nights of your life

2021. 256 pages. Approx. 350 images. 25 x 28 cm. Hardcover.
€ [D] 39.95 / € [A] 41.10 / SFr. 52.90
ISBN: 978-3-7667-2480-9
English edition: ISBN 978-3-7667-2506-6

First official brand book