Investment in partnership with Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson

Wolfenbüttel, March 2022. Mast-Jägermeister SE reported a new sales record in the fiscal year 2021: After a decline in global business in the first year of the pandemic due to shutdowns in the on-trade market, the company increased its sales by 25.5 percent to 8,7 million 9-litre cases, resulting in a record result for the global brand. Germany’s largest spirits producer also invested in Dwayne Johnson’s tequila brand Teremana®, the most successful new spirit launch in US history.

Despite a persistently volatile market environment with recurring shutdowns and restrictions on public life, Jägermeister saw rising demand in all regions worldwide. The Latin American, Middle East/African and Eastern European markets showed especially robust growth. Michael Volke, Chief Executive Officer of Mast-Jägermeister SE, attributes the outstanding result to the consistent and successful globalization strategy that the company has been pursuing for many years: “The pandemic has resulted in very diverse effects on our global business worldwide. We responded quickly and adapted our marketing concepts to the market conditions we saw. The biggest factors behind our performance were our balanced global presence, the close teamwork with our global distribution partners and, last but not least, our exceptionally adaptable and committed employees.”

Jägermeister continued to provide financial support to artists, creatives and other members of the nightlife community as part of the global #SAVETHENIGHT initiative, initially launched in April 2020. Several million euros went to international partner projects and the direct support of artists. On the digital platform, artists and creatives remained in direct contact with their audiences through countless Meister Drop-Ins and Meister Classes. In 2021, global superstar Post Malone became an official ambassador for this unique initiative.

Another new landmark in the company’s history was the long-term partnership with Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson and his brand Teremana, in which the family-owned company invested last year. Mast-Jägermeister became a strategic co-investor in the well-positioned brand within the dynamic tequila segment. Since the launch of the super-premium tequila in 2019, Jägermeister has held exclusive distribution rights. With more than 640,000 9-litre cases sold in 2021, Teremana® tequila became the most successful spirit brand launch in US history. The next steps for the brand will include strategic refinement and globalization.

“It is an exhilarating opportunity for our company to add such a strong, dynamic brand to our portfolio,” says Volke. “Teremana is an excellent addition to the Jägermeister brand family, and we look forward to leveraging our marketing prowess in the global spirits industry to expand the brand in the US and bring Teremana to key markets worldwide.”

The outlook for the current fiscal year, however, remains cautious due to the war in Ukraine. In addition to direct market risks, there are significant unknowns arising from still-unquantifiable effects on global procurement and demand. “The war certainly impacts our plans and expectations. We have already suspended business with Russia and Belarus. The main priority now is to help the people affected by the war. We have already provided substantial funds to support aid organizations and our Ukrainian distribution partner in this difficult situation,” explains Michael Volke.

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