Wolfenbüttel, 21 June 2022 – Together with the Web3 NFT community HAPE, Jägermeister is giving the NFT community a new true original: the world- famous herbal liqueur is premiering its first Genesis HAPE, styled with signature brand details and a new feature.

The drop marks Jägermeister’s entry onto the global NFT stage, allowing the brand to be experienced in a completely new environment, as Sven Schindler, Head of Global Brand Management & Digital Marketing, explains: “As a lifestyle brand, we want to inspire and delight the HAPE community with this NFT collaboration and start developing our Web3 presence. Transforming our authenticity and individuality into unique looks is the perfect link between both our brands and community’s. “

“Our partnership with Jägermeister is a perfect example of the power and benefit of collaboration in building the Web3 future. Together we are bridging the gap between our physical and digital experiences. As a leading Web3 brand, HAPE brings the expertise in accessing the digital world, while Jägermeister brings a long tradition of delivering incredible live events and entertainment. Together, we are delighting a shared community of fans with more immersive brand experiences that will inspire greater loyalty and engagement for the future of both brands”, explains Ste, Co-Founder of HAPE.

Jägermeister x HAPE for Best Nights
Jägermeister is synonymous with community and the best nights. Beyond exciting new digital items, the Jägermeister HAPE brings an element of innovation to the community, as the first HAPE to feature two different personalities: a cool, street-style day version and a night character with exciting visual effects to start the best nights.

Bringing the new HAPE to life
The launch of the Jägermeister HAPE will be accompanied by social media activities on the global channels of both brands. In addition, a community party in New York is scheduled during the world’s leading NFT trade fair “NFT.NYC”.

With this entry into the HAPE universe, Jägermeister will gain further opportunities to engage in the metaverse over the coming years.

Jägermeister HAPE Cooperation

Jägermeister Genesis HAPE Daytime

Jägermeister Genesis HAPE Nighttime