Wolfenbüttel, 1st of August 2022. Together, the Wolfenbüttel-based herbal liqueur brand Jägermeister and Berlin-based techno institution “Tresor” had jointly called for global financial support for ideas that preserve and promote nightlife culture. Via the platform www.save-the-night.com, 226 funding applications from five continents were submitted by the beginning of November. The focus of the ideas was on safety, inclusion and sustainability in nightlife.

The winners have now been announced: The first winning idea is from “Club Sol” in London. This is a solar-powered nightclub initiative. Solar-based sound systems require up to 20 percent less energy than conventional systems. The second winning idea comes from Berlin: Stella Spoon and Nick Germeys with the collective Queer Trans Libernation also wish for a prejudice-free space in nightlife for people with disabilities and have presented a corresponding concept. Both projects will be implemented in 2023.

“Jägermeister is a community brand and has been part of night culture for decades. #SAVETHENIGHT is an example of our commitment to protect nightlife as a forum for social interaction and enjoyment. We are excited about the creative ideas that have reached us from around the globe Therefore, Jägermeister will provide additional funds at short notice to support a third project that is close to our hearts because of its topicality,” says Kai Dechsling, Head of Global Culture & Experiental Marketing at Mast- Jägermeister SE.

The additionally funded project is an idea from Rabudi West: While the capital Nairobi and the coastal regions of Kenya, which are dominated by tourism, have an active nightlife, there are hardly any cultural offerings in more rural areas. This is where Rabudi’s initiative comes in and aims to provide advanced training for those who are committed to revitalizing a cultural nightlife in Kenya.

“An active, diverse and safe nightlife connects cultures and offers opportunities for people worldwide to realize themselves. By realizing the three projects in Germany, the United Kingdom and Kenya, we are opening the door for young talents to completely new career perspectives and to develop themselves. The projects are a real enrichment for nightlife and a prime example of the transformation of the scene towards more inclusion and diversity,” explains Dechsling.

The winners were selected by an independent jury with ties to nightlife:

  • Lewamm Ghebremariam: cultural entrepreneur and board member of Berlin’s Clubcommission.
  • Asia James: multidisciplinary artist, bouncer and nightlife personality
  • Fallon MacWilliams aka. Darwin: DJane, owner of the SPE:C label, founder of the climate protection collective Clean Scene, and event host
  • Dimitri Hegemann: founder of the Berlin club “Tresor” and importer of the then new music genre techno to Germany
  • Sarah Farina: International DJane, music producer, curator and promoter – Bernard Koomson: DJ and founder of the artist collective deadHYPE

All information regarding the initiative is available online at www.save-the-night.com. We will be happy to provide visual material if required.

Jägermeister Competition SAVETHENIGHT