Each of the globally available 2500 bottles is a true original

3rd of November 2023, Wolfenbüttel – More than 400 oak barrels are housed in Jägermeister’s barrel storage area in Wolfenbüttel, in the heart of Germany. Inside these the essence of the iconic herbal spirit matures for several months. But one barrel had a unique destiny: it was sealed and stored for more than 25 years – longer than any other before. Now, Jägermeister has opened this barrel to create a limited release: only 2500 hand-numbered bottles will be available worldwide starting 11 November 2023.

“9556 Nights of Exploration” is also a first in the company’s history because its essence is based on a one-time experiment: Dr. Günther Findel, the son-in-law of Jägermeister inventor Curt Mast, wanted to test how the base of the liqueur would develop when stored for an even longer time. 9556 nights later, it turns out that his gamble paid off: thanks to Dr. Günther Findel’s spirit of exploration, Jägermeister can now bottle this rare product and debut a unique and strictly limited herbal liqueur.

Dr. Berndt Finke, Vice President Products & Quality at Mast-Jägermeister SE, oversees the maturation process: “The arrival of Findel 95566 Nights of Exploration has been a labour of love for those involved in crafting the limited edition. A labour of love that will be enjoyed and appreciated by those lucky enough to secure a bottle. Over the past 25 years, the essence has been on a sensory journey: the aroma, the taste and the appearance of the liquid changed several times until finally, the flavours came together in perfect harmony. I am proud that we are now presenting a brand-new product based on our original recipe developed more than 80 years ago, and I am certain Dr. Günther Findel would be proud of it too.”

Journeying to the perfect herbal liqueur
Just like the original, the herbal liqueur “9556 Nights of Exploration” is based on a secret recipe of 56 natural ingredients including herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits. The ingredients are carefully weighed and ground by master distillers. Water and alcohol are then used to extract flavors from the dry mixtures. The resulting macerates are married to form the so called “base”, which contains the diverse flavor components of the raw botanicals and forms the concentrated essence behind the iconic Jägermeister taste.

“For 9556 Nights of Exploration, we extend the contact between the base and the barrel, resulting in the unique taste profile: familiar herbal flavors are enriched by hints of oak and unique fruit components which give the spirit a full-bodied feel and incredible depth of taste,” explains Dr. Berndt Finke, Vice President Products & Quality at Mast-Jägermeister SE.

Exceptional design & packaging
For this high-quality product a special design and packaging were developed. In a departure from the original, Jägermeister chose to forgo a front label for “9556 Nights of Exploration”. The 0.7-litre bottle in clear glass allows the rich colors of the unique spirit to shimmer through, while the back label is printed in Jägermeister’s signature orange. A handwritten serial number makes each bottle a true original. But the bottle has even more to offer: the story of the limited release, printed on the inside of the label, only starts to appear when the bottle is opened, and the liquid is enjoyed. Inside the cap, owners can also find a code to receive an individual NFT of an oil painting by Mago Dovjenko, an exceptional talent on the international design scene, who created the artwork for the launch, taking his inspiration from the new product. Each of the globally available 2500 bottles is packed in a shock-resistant wooden box.

“We want to appeal to consumers on the hunt for exceptional taste experiences. Thanks to the inventive spirit of Dr. Günther Findel, with ‘9556 Nights of Exploration’ we offer a product that, in addition to a deeply balanced taste, also pours the uniqueness of our company’s history directly into every bottle”, explains Sven Schindler, Head of Global Brand & Digital Marketing at Mast-Jägermeister SE.

Mild aroma meets sweet fruit
At 40% alcohol by volume, this strictly limited herbal liqueur has a slightly higher alcohol content than Jägermeister (35% vol. alcohol). It is based on the original herbal recipe and offers a mild aroma. Because of the longer time in the barrel, the characteristic spicy herbal flavors are joined by sweet fruit accents. Caramel and vanilla aromas round off the subtle hints of oak. “9556 Nights of Exploration” is best served in a tumbler at room temperature, allowing the spirit’s unique flavors to develop to their fullest. But it also offers a unique experience when served over ice.

Global campaign launch slated for November 2023
“Our global campaign deliberately breaks with clichés in the premium spirits segment and shows the new product in an unconventional and creative environment,” explains Sven Schindler. The online-only spots that will be launched in early November 2023, feature the Berlin-based artist Mago. He is accompanied in documentary style as he creates an oil painting on canvas, inspired by the character of the new product. Owners of the edition can receive a virtual image of this painting as an NFT for their wallet via a code inside the cap.

Strictly limited and for those who act quickly
Only 2500 hand-numbered copies of the 0.7-litre limited release will be available from 11 November 2023 in 15 countries, including Germany, the UK and China, and at selected airports worldwide.