No Jägermeister Campaign

A world without Jägermeister

What’s the complete opposite of Jägermeister? A campaign from April 2008 offered some insights.

On television and cinema adverts, posters, in print ads, and even on a dedicated website, it depicted the ‘very tame’ brand world of a product called ‘KeinJägermeister’. In other words, Jägermeister’s extremely domesticated twin.

The fictitious product in the TV spot was never produced or sold, but available as a limited-edition glass in the Jägermeister shop.

On the KeinJägermeister website, fans could find valuable tips for cleaning, ironing, vacuuming or dishwashing parties. Likewise, it shared instructions for delightfully ‘lame’ party games, the equivalent of hug the can, tug of peace or pin the garland on the donkey.