How it all began

Curt Mast was a passionate and responsible hunter; he had already leased his first own hunting ground in 1920, so he was certainly well acquainted with the convivial moments pre- and post-hunt, when people would stand around chatting together. It is possible that it was precisely these moments that gave him the idea of developing a herbal liqueur to make these gatherings even more social. In addition, Curt Mast was a great tinkerer and fascinated by the development of spirits. He was therefore able to perfectly combine his two passions – hunting and creating spirits – and soon set about inventing a speciality for hunters.

It took a while until Curt Mast found the right recipe. Sometimes the mixture was “too sweet” or its “citrus note too weak”. But in 1934 the time had come: from 56 herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits as well as 35 % alcohol by volume, he created a unique and flavorful herbal liqueur.

In 1935, the success story begins: Jägermeister becomes available on the German market and is immediately successful.

In the beginning a speciality for hunters

Jägermeister was introduced as a speciality for hunters – and this was also reflected in the early advertising of the Wolfenbüttel-based brand:

The first advertising film, “Waidmannsheil”, premiered in a Hamburg cinema back in September 1954. At the end of the 1950s, Jägermeister also made its way into TV commercials. Under the title “Der Blick durchs Jägermeister-Glas” (The view through the Jägermeister glass), the first TV commercials with “real footage of wild animals in the German forests” – combined with Jägermeister product images – are broadcast.

Well-known and popular to this day: “Waidmanns Waldi”. From 1958 onwards, the Jägermeister dachshund made his way into people’s hearts with lovingly designed advertising motifs.