Meister Code

Our vision: best nights without waste.
and our meister code helps us with that.

The Meister Code is a guide for more sustainability in our point-of-sale advertising materials. It is based on the pillars of recyclability and the conscious use of resources, transport and materials. Through practical tips and concrete examples, it helps to reduce our carbon footprint and material consumption and makes a valuable contribution to the circular economy. The Meister Code sensitises all of our employees and manufacturing partners to the more sustainable development of advertising materials. The Meister Code is already used in the initial planning and design phase for the preliminary assessment of the future product using the above-mentioned criteria and, as a result, lays the foundations for a more sustainable product.

Since the introduction of the Meister Code in the summer of 2022, reusable and 100% recyclable shot glasses have been developed, among other things. These are already in use in markets such as France and are used and reused at events instead of disposable shot glasses. Made from OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified organic cotton, our bandanas bring the sustainable Jägermeister look to festivals.

recycelbare Shotgläser


Gradually, all existing promotional materials are being checked against the Meister Code and new products are developed taking the sustainability criteria into account – for the best nights of our lives – today and tomorrow!